Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.SLO 2 – Students will use critical thinking skills to understand genetics and its possible effects on a biological system.Assessment period: Lecture class week 10 or 11 (Genetics)I have uploaded the files with the same questions as well if you need to take a better look at the information. Please be sure to write the answers on the two worksheets that I have uploaded titled as assignment_1 and assignment_2.In humans, the allele for six fingers (F) is dominant to the allele for five fingers (f). A man and a woman, both heterozygous for six fingers, marry and decide to have children.
What is the genotype of the man? ________
Gametes produced by the man? _____ , _______
In the space below, draw a Punnett Square for the above match. Include phenotype in each box.
What is the genotype of the woman? ________Gametes produced by the woman? _____ , _____SLO 1 – Students will think like a scientist by applying the scientific method.Assessment period: Lab 13Write a hypothesis for the following question: ‘How would exercise effect the heart rate’?
The table below shows the data collected from a class of 20 students. Values in the first column are the resting heart rate (beats per minute (bpm)) and the second column represents the heart rate (bpm) during an exercise.
Ans:Calculate the average of each column then Compare the values and interpret the resultsHeart Rate (Beats per minute)RestingExercising75123708871948412071827810380129751405912145965513282113661258511174119501535591551036514163104Requirements: Please answer all of the questions that I provided in complete sentences in Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA FormatPlease be sure to carefully follow the instructions