Learning Goal: I’m working on a art multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Ekphrastic Poem assignmentBefore writing your poem, you need to research your artist, and locate one article that includes critical and/or biographical information. You will write a (1)summary, and include a correctly formatted MLA citation.Part 1. https://www.nga.gov/collection/artist-info.25.html :Summarize the bio and create an MLA citation for this article. (250-300 words)Part 2. Create a Ekphrastic poem based off the drawing below (minimum 300 words) Here’s and example of a poem : “Interior”Everyone has their placeWhere they can dreamThe woman smoking by the woodstove,Content with her shawl, her apron, her hands relaxed.Maybe she is sitting after a long day of work,Waiting for the kettle to whistle so she can have a cup of tea.The boy—I am thinking it is you Mr. Pippin—stands by a tableIn candlelight, clearly painting.Or writing or dreaming a world whereThis interior does existAgainst a the dark world outsideThat allows very little in the way of solace.This scene takes place not too long before you enlisted in asegregated Army to make the world safe for democracywhen it wasn’t even safe for you and youlost the use of your painting arm—You gained a medal though, the French Croix de Guerre,The cross of war.You bore this cross home with youTo a country that treated you like a second class citizen.But you were an artist and you created your own world.The little girl sits on a quilt,holding her baby doll –she too is intent, dreaming ofher own future.Even the dog seems happy in thisInterior, the inside, the safe placeThe world you painted for yourself.