The objective of this activity is to prepare a written work applying the concepts studied in this module. Delve into the topic(s) discussed in the module by solving the following case.
Case descriiption: You want to configure a desktop computer for video games (gaming pc). It is missing three (3) internal computer components: 1. RAM, 2. Processor, and 3. Video card. You have a limited budget of one thousand dollars ($1,000) to purchase all three components.
Search for information about the 3 computer components on Internet store web pages.
Write an essay comparing the options found for each component.
Look for three (3) options on the market for each type of component: RAM, video card, and processor. (e.g., 3 types of RAM memories, 3 types of video cards and 3 types of processors).
Include a brief explanation about each type of component, its characteristics and prices found.
Conclude your essay by selecting an option for each of the 3 components you will purchase, that are within the total budget of $1,000. State the reasons why you selected those options.
Use one table for each component type to include the following information (see example below).
Use a word processor, such as Word, to complete the Assignment.
Include bibliographic references in the writing using the APA style
COIC101_Case Study_M1.PNG