I HAVE ADDED TWO SURVEY IN THE ATTACHMENTS THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM TO BASE YOURS OFF OF. IF YOU DO NOT SELECT ONE AND DO IT I WILL RECIEVE A ZERO. MY LAST PROFESSOR I CHOSE DID NOT AND I GOT A ZERO, LUCKY I GET ANOTHER SHOT SO PLEASE LOOK THROUGH THEM AND PICK ONE. THANKS General Psychology 2003 Survey Final Project Instructions 1. Choose a Survey Choose from ONE (1) of the FOUR (4) provided surveys to administer for your final project. You will work individually. The surveys are in a file located in the survey project module. 2. Administer survey Plan your sampling procedure and identify your population; decide on a sampling method, and how you will conduct your survey. Administer your survey. You must get at least 15 completed surveys, preferably more. If you choose to administer your survey on paper, you must enter the data manually so that you can analyze responses electronically. You may also consider using online survey site. Many of them have a free trial offer. Google has a great tool for survey creation, distribution and basic statistical data. BE CAREFUL IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE AN ONLINE SURVEY HOSTING SITE-YOU MAY BE CHARGED A FEE AFTER THE TRIAL PERIOD IS OVER!!!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! **** PLEASE be aware that those who ARE UNDER 18 NEED PARENTAL CONSENT! When administering the survey please make sure a demographic sheet is attached for each participant. The demographic sheet and parental consent forms will be provided. The demographics sheet is especially important as it will provide a way for you to compare different groups that you survey. 3. Write survey report/Make a graph Web/Online/Face to face classes will organize, summarize and analyze your data. Use as many tools that we have studied in class as are appropriate. Your report, including the graphs, must be produced on a computer (a word processed, 5-8-page summary of your research findings along with a minimum of 4 graphs representing the analyzed data). Please follow the RUBRIC to make sure all components of your paper are covered. I am also providing an example for you to view. Please do not copy the example. It is a very detailed paper. Your paper does not need to be as detailed. The links below are web sites and video links that you will find useful in analyzing your data. WHEN ANALYZING DATA, FOCUS MEASURES OF CENTRAL TENDENCY (MEAN, MEDIAN AND MODE) AND OF COURSE ANY DATA THAT WAS SIGNIFICANT. INCLUDE PERCENTAGES IF HELPFUL IN YOUR SUMMARY. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Analyze-your-data-instantly-9e382e73-7f5e-495a-a8dc-be8225b1bb78 https://www.genroe.com/blog/analyze-survey-data-in-excel/11483 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVGD_5Tk6ao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIjAODd4N8Q https://www.recoverlostpassword.com/excel/how-to-make-a-graph-in-excel-2017-guide.html https://www.techonthenet.com/excel/charts/line_chart2016.php https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAU0qqh_I-A Charts and graphs in Excel FOLLOW APA FORMATING. YOU DO NOT NEED TO INCLUDE THE ABSTRACT!!! YOU WILL NEED TO INCLUDE A COVER PAGE AND REFERENCE PAGE! YOU MUST PROVIDE A MINIMUM OF 2 SCHOLARLY/PEER REVIEWED REFERENCES out of the required 4 references. You may use as many references as you wish as long as you meet the (2) peer reviewed/scholarly reference criteria. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SCHOLARY OR PEER REVIEWED REFERENCES ARE PLEASE LOOK OVER THIS INFORMATION: http://library.webster.edu/guides/quickscholart.html https://www.nacc.edu/Content/Uploads/nacc.edu/files/Library/PeerReviewed.pdf https://academicguides.waldenu.edu/library/peerreviewvsscholarly