How do the defense objectives identified in the National Military Strategy (NMS) correlate to the National Security Strategy? (M440)
How do the instruments of national power translate down to the tactical level in operations? (M440)
Write a 150-word post answering at least two of the questions below . (2 separate initial posts in DEP)
D.E.P. means to: Describe/Define- To state the precise meaning of a word; Explain/Elaborate-To make understanding clear by providing detail, to put forth complex details; Personal Experience of- To incorporate the explanation and elaboration with personal experience, historical reference, or point of view (the use of personal experience as it relates to the scenario will garner you the most points).
Here, I will give you an example of what a D.E.P. answer might look like:
Select two primary stability tasks, then explain the significance of the tasks for success in stability operations
Describe/Define: Restore essential services: Army forces establish or restore the most basic services and protect them until a civil authority or the host nation can provide them. Support to governance: Restoring public administration and resuming public services while fostering long-term efforts to establish a functional, effective system of political governance.
Explain/Elaborate: Restoration of essential services is the Army doing the jobs that the host nation government cannot do on a permanent basis yet. When we support host nation leaders and aid them is trying to establish a democratic government system. When we go into countries and protect the citizens, we are acting like a security force or their police. Peoples of a nation have to feel secure in order to operate day to day lives, this ties into economical stimulation as well. By supporting local leaders we are helping to establish long term governmental friendships, this benefits us as a nation by increasing our fighting power against other countries and provides economic growth as well.
Personal Experience: USE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AS IT RELATES TO THE SCENARIO. When I worked for President Trump’s National Security agency his strategy includes protecting the host nation’s people in countries like Africa with US forces. I worked personally to train the government employees.