Grading Rubric:
Title Name Descriiption Points Tips
Course Syllabus (rev 7-14-21; DL version) 4
Introduction Introduce the problem that the
proposal is focusing on. What made
you want to research it? Why is it
2 Keep it brief and simple. Usually one
Hypothesi(e)s Clearly state your research
hypothesi(e)s, including the null
hypothesi(e)s and alternative
hypothesi(e)s. Also talk about your
dependent and independent variables.
2 Be clear and to the point. This can
seem repetitive, but is important
What sampling methods will be used?
Why do you choose that method?
1 Think about which methods will be
Variables Talk about variable characteristics,
operationalization, and how they may
look like.
2 How will you ask different variables?
What will the variables look like?
How will you represent data? What
kinds of graphs will be included and
why? What information about the data
will be in the descriiptive statistics
table? Why?
3 You can include mock representation
of graphs and tables to help illustrate
how the results will look like. The
graphs and tables should NOT take up
more than 1/5 of the finished
Which statistical methods will you use
to test your hypothesi(e)s? Why do
you choose that method? What are the
strengths and weaknesses of those
2 Think about what you have learned
throughout the semester, what
methods serve what purposes for what
kinds of data, and choose accordingly.
Provide your reasoning.
Title Page Include the title of your proposal, your
name, school, department, college,
date, etc.
1 Make it pretty! Let your creativity
Format Followed required formats. Times
New Roman, 12-ponint font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, at least 5 full
pages, not including the title page.
2 Make sure you follow the rules