Submit your final creative piece (2-4 page story or 3-5 page play, or longer), along with a thorough artist statement that shares which tactics you were using, inspired by which mentor stories/plays, and how they are intended to impact your audience.
Your 1-page double-spaced artist statement should additionally reflect on what you have learned this semester as a writer and where you would like to continue to grow as a writer. How does this final piece celebrate your current strengths?
Process steps:
Decide whether you’d like to create a new story, a new play, or a new written piece in another form (story or play recommended as those are the forms we’ve focused on, but it’s up to you). – Monday, November 15
Find at least 2-3 mentor texts (stories or plays) that you’d like to be inspired by as you write. For example, if you want to write a horror story, find two horror stories to read. – In class Monday, November 15
Identify tactics – Wednesday, November 17
Draft your story/play & include your artistic statement – Monday, November 29
Bring in your story/play for workshop – Wednesday, December 1 and Friday, December 3
Submit your final draft and reflection as your culminating assignment for the class – Monday, December 6 (presentations Monday, December 6 and Wednesday, December 8)
Share out (read or have someone else read) an excerpt from your final creative piece – Monday, December 6 and Wednesday, December 8
By Wednesday, December 8, also submit your Noticings and Participation reflection under Assignments
(OPTIONAL) December 9-13 – Folks who want more feedback on the final creative piece because they plan to keep working on it beyond the class, or who want to talk about pursuing creative writing after this semester, can sign up for individual virtual conferences. These conferences are optional. There is no class meeting or final exam after our last class on December 8.