Explorer Name: Jacques Cartier 1-A Title page 2-An illustration of the flag of the country the explorer represented 3-A map showing the routes the explorer took 4-A written reported based on the attached “Explorer Report Notes” sheets 5-bibliography A- Introduction Paragraph include (background information) a. Date of birth, date of death, birthplace, country explorer represents, years during which explorer traveled, name of ship or ships if available, what was the explorer’s goal. B- Middle Paragraphs include 8 events of explorer’s life. B. From early life, during voyage or travels, through end of life. Remember to include dates whenever possible. C- Conclusion Paragraph (outcome of the voyage or travels) a. Did the explorer accomplish his goal or what he set out do? b. What did he gain for himself or the country he represented? c. How was he treated on his return to his country?