During our class meetings, we discussed a number of different RFCs for various protocols. The analysis indicated that the evolution of the internet, well beyond initial expectations, has led to the identification of various issues requiring adaptation of the protocols over time. Among these issues are the advancements in streaming that stress protocol size and data rates, scalability of addressing, and the challenges of meeting cybersecurity requirements with protocols that were not designed with security in mind. One viewpoint is that the current internet protocols are not sufficient for the future growth of the internet and should be replaced. Another perspective is that the internet is thoroughly dependent on the current protocols and it would be too difficult to transition the architecture at this point to a new architecture. In the interests of preparing for the potential that the current internet architecture is not able to support future growth, the National Science Foundation invested in research for a Future Network Architecture. That initiative has developed over time into the Named Data Networking Project. Assignment This assignment is to write a research paper to identify the major challenges with the current internet protocols meeting future needs and assess the potential for the Named Data Networking Project (https://named-data.net/project/) to address those challenges. Information on the Named Data Networking Project is available on their website in the form of annual reports, specifications, technical reports, etc. Additional references are also expected in order to provide an unbiased assessment. Your analysis should demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the protocols and include the viability of transitioning the current internet to a new network architecture. In addition to providing the results of your analysis, your paper should include your recommendations for either modifying existing or implementing new protocols. All content must be your own original work. Direct quotations should account for no more that 10% of your paper. References must be cited, in APA format. Acronyms, abbreviations, and technical terms not regularly used in our course must be defined. The paper should meet basic college research paper standards for grammar, spelling, structure, references and content. The paper is expected to be about 8-10 pages plus a reference list, double spaced, in order to cover the topic at the appropriate level. The paper should be submitted via BlackBoard in Microsoft Word or PDF format.