Create a Policy Memo following the examples used in the attached files. The objective is to be a policy advisor for a state representative of New York State. The policy objective is to create solutions to solve the glass recycling waste. In the US only about 30% of recycled glass is reused and turned into new glass products. In Europe about 70% of all glass is recycled. Look at examples of how the European Union has been able to tackle this problem, and how New York can implement them into their own State. The first solution can be public awareness of proper glass recycling. The second can be community efforts to collect clean glass where people receive an incentive for the amount of weight of glass they recycle. The third and best option where policy can be created is starting a 3 tier recycling program in the state. New York state would have to invest heavily in waste collection, but the benefits would help create more green clean environment. One bin is designated for normal garbage collect, The second bin is for paper and plastic products, The third bin is for glass products. This is the best solution to raise glass recycling in New York and Push the state to go more green. Use the templates provided to create a policy memo following the directions I have provided. I have attached templates to follow to help guide this, as well as some research that can be used for this assignment. Also additional outside research is needed to complete this project use scholarly resources to complete this. If you have any questions or need any additional information to complete this please message me and I will be willing to provide what is needed.