Choose five of the discussion questions from this chapter to answer (in >300 words total). They are reprinted below.
Is it appropriate to restrict alcohol consumption by setting bar closing and sales stoppage times? Is it appropriate to do so if these measures reduce alcohol related violence?
Why do you think bluew laws are still on the books in many states?
How do you see the misuse of legal prescriiption drugs fitting into the current debate surrounding the legalization of drugs?
Describe the benefits of legalized prostitution from the point of view of a sex worker, a customer, a pimp/madam, & the criminal justice system. Are the benefits a convincing case for legalization?
Can you think of any other lifestyles that were criminalized but are gradually gaining acceptance, similar to homosexuality?
Is pedophilia an illness that can be treated? If so, how? If not, what should be done with those who sexually abuse children?
Do you think that consuming child pornography leads to the sexual abuse of children? Why/why not?
What are some ways to reduce the criminalization of homelessness and mental illness?
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