In explaining your thoughts about this issue in the field of Criminology, make sure to discuss 2 (or more, if you want) topics we covered in class in your essay (whatever fits, e.g., Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos, Gang Leader book, Ford Pinto case, Tuskegee scandal, etc.).
The question for you to answer:
Explain which best describes Hirschi’s evolution of thinking:
a. a reasonable progression in social science where phenomena are hard to measure
b. a failure in the field to have greater certainty
c. some other argument you want to tell me about
Make sure to have a conclusion that summarizes your main point/s.
Make sure not just to describe the theory. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT!
I realize that every student will take this in a different direction. The main goal is to let me know your thoughts about the field.