After reading the required textbook chapters (Read the Operations Management (OM) Text Chapters 9 & 10, and pages 250-256 on BPI) and reviewing the lecture presentation(s) complete the following questions:
Lecture presentation:

1. Briefly explain the use of these tools to identify solutions to a root cause, 1) brainstorming, 2) quality circles, 3) benchmarking, 4) another tool of your choice. In your own words, explain what these tools are and how these tools are applied.
2.Look at the elements of a TQM program on OM pages 390-393, and determine which are the most interesting that you might use. Explain how you would apply them and where.
3.Make a check sheet and then a Pareto diagram for the following care repair shop data.
To answer question 3, please refer to the uploaded picture of the diagram.
4.Prepare a cause-and-effect diagram to analyze the possible causes of late delivery of parts ordered from a supplier.
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