A three page research paper on the history and advancements of the medical device chemo port. Paper should include an abstract, rationale for device development, early concept devices, evolution of the device, current devices, and suggestions for future devices. Explicit information about each section can be found in the included attachment, plain text option found below. 3-4 pages, 1.5 spacing, arial font size 11. Assignment: Present and discuss the advancements of a medical device of your choice from the early prototypes to current used devices. Take into account the changes in materials used, properties, design features and success/failures. Abstract Provide a summary of your report (1/2 page) Rationale for device development: Background information related to the need for the device, illness, disease progression. Importance of this device on healthcare. Include statistics and numbers supporting its importance. Early Concept devices: First generation devices. What materials were used, what was their success rate. Information related to the first clinical trials and animal models used. FDA approval – look up 510K submission documents. Early design features. Evolution of Device: List the problems related to the early concept devices. Was there a design flaw, materials problem. Physiological response that encouraged the device to change. Include differences in how the design was changed. Current Devices: List the current state of the art devices you have chosen. Materials used, design, process for fabrication. List any relevant clinical trials and outcomes. Statistics based on the devices longevity and success rate. Include current concerns and issues related to the current devices. Suggestions for Future Devices: PROVIDE YOUR OWN IDEAS AND CONCEPTS RELATED TO HOW YOU THINK IMPROVEMENTS COULD BE MADE TO THE CURRENTLY USED DEVICE OF YOUR CHOICE. Use as many figure and images as you need , use arial font, 1.5 line spacing, 11 font