1) Describe the main types of mass wasting – creep, slump, translational slide, rotational slide, fall, debris flow, and mudflow – in terms of the types of materials involved, the type of motion, and the likely rates of motion. creep slump translational slide rotational slide fall debris flow mudflow 2) Describe the various landforms related to alpine glacial erosion and explain how they form, including U- shaped valleys, aretes, cols, horns, hanging valleys, truncated spurs, drumlins, roches moutonees, glacial grooves, and striae U- shaped valleys aretes cols horns hanging valleys truncated spurs drumlins roches moutonees glacial grooves striae 3) Summarize the origins of beaches, spits, baymouth bars, tombolos, and barrier islands and discuss how each of these unique features form. the origins of beaches spits baymouth bars tombolos barrier islands