1-2 Page paper showing AND explaining the step-by-steps. Word doc with screenshot of graph. Answer the questions in the prompt below. Math question will be in the file. Everything after this is from the professor. Write a coherent report of your solutions using a typesetting program (Word, Notes, etc.). Your report should include the following: Introduction: Describe the purpose and problem statement of this project. Explain mathematically how the provided data was used to arrive at your final results. Graph the Model: Use a graphing utility to represent the model and include a screenshot of your graph. Mathematical Calculation: Your report should include step by step mathematical calculation using appropriate notation correctly. Incorporates calculus content consistently and effectively throughout the report. Analysis of Data: For this part, provide supporting solutions and calculus terms to explain how you reached your answers. Also, explain in detail what your answer represents in a real-world situation and why this is useful. Organization: Develop a nice flow of information that is organized and easy to follow. Express your thorough knowledge and understanding of the material presented in the project.