1. You must select an organization for which you will develop a cultural overview of the company. Your goal is to ascertain the values of the organization and develop a power point that shares those values with picture representation. The power point should include the following: Slide 1 – Company Identification and Overview Slide 2 – Introduction of 5 values of the organization Slide 3-7 – Value #1-5 with explanation and picture Slide 8 – Summary. 2. Training Plan – This is a PAPER you hand in that addresses the following issues: Goal of Training, Need Assessment, Training Style/Format, Training Method, Visuals, Utilization of Physical Facilities, Appropriate Time Frame, Instructor (s) Selection, Cost Assessment, Evaluation/Assessment In the discussion you should provide a rationale for why you selected the training you did and address the key issues outlined above. This paper should be 4 pages and can be an outline, bullets or full narrative.