1 page – Not an essay—discussion post: 1 paragraph (4-5 sentences long)
Course – Quantitative Literacy Math
College – Level
Required Materials Text: Using and Understanding Mathematics Author: Bennett Publisher: Pearson ISBN: 9780134705187
Additional Required Materials:
CALCULATOR: A Graphing Calculator is required. TI 83 Plus, TI 84, TI 84 Plus, TI 84 Plus Silver
Edition or TI-Nspire
Writer needs to be someone specializing in math/quantitative literacy/ good with different subjects logic/reasoning
– Discussion Post is to inform & describe what subject is talking about not too formal though
– 2 different post questions in 1 document (pay close attention)
– ——I also need some writers shortlisted who are familiar with math and discussion posts..
– —————
attached is instructions for questions 6 & 7
Also attached are previous examples of how the format of each discussion for this class ive done before to help writer use as reference/guide